Motivation to fail.

Have you noticed that being really motivated can quickly lead to being highly unmotivated?  I have so many things that I want to DO, and FIX, and BE floating around in my head.  All good ideas, all reachable goals, all important aspects of life, all things that if successful will make me an all around better human being in the long run.  But all of these things take time, and even when you make the change you have to keep on working hard so you don’t sleep up and go backwards!  When your want-to-do list is ten miles long and you don’t get the satisfaction of checking things off on a regular basis it can leave you feeling like a failure at everything.  Read to my kids more, do school with them every day, take them outside or to the park to play every day, let them do crafts and get messy, let them help in the kitchen, read my Bible more and actually study it, improve my prayer life, be a more loving wife, deep clean my house, be nicer to the family dog I never wanted, be more neighborly, think before I speak , get dressed every day… are you exhausted yet?  And it’s just the tip of the ice-berg.  So I feel unmotivated.  Because succeeding at one thing still leaves a mile long list of improvements to tackle.

Part of the problem could be the pregnancy.  I’m 26 weeks along today and chasing after very active 3 and 4 year old kids.  I’m getting bigger by the minute and sluggish but I have no idea when to squeeze in good exercise during the day and still get a “break”, but that’s just an excuse and me being lazy.  Complain, complain, complain.  I haven’t posted in awhile (because I’m not motivated, you know, and the life of a stay-at-home mom isn’t exactly exciting!) and all that’s coming out is complaining.  “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22)  So maybe I should focus on what I’m good at.  My house is clean and organized, my kids have plenty of things to entertain and occupy them, they’re incredibly smart and could probably put any Kindergartener to shame, I fix three balanced meals a day and my husband always has a delicious hot meal waiting for him the minute he gets home from work, I’m eager to spend more time knowing God and making him known, and after five years of marriage I still shave my legs every single day!  There are a lot of things on that list that even my closest friends don’t do.  I have more than one friend who only cleans the house if their husband complains and helps get it done.  I have a few who serve peanut butter and jelly, top ramen, or a power bar for dinner if they serve it at all.  I’m doing okay for my family.  I think my frustration lies in the fact that I KNOW I’m not doing the best I possibly can and using all my energy to strive toward that goal.  No one is ever satisfied when they’re not doing their best.  When you do your best and fail it’s more acceptable than failing when you aren’t really trying.

My kids are begging to do another craft right now.  What are your favorite quick, low-maintenence crafts for 3 and 4 year olds?  Please share them with me!  I’ll tell you mine.  Foam stickers!  My kids love those big sparkly foam stickers from Wal-Mart.  I buy foam squares circles of many colors from the dollar store and my kids love putting the foam stickers all over them.  The only mess left behind is the white papers from the back of all the stickers and they’re old enough to throw those away by themselves!  Oh, and stamps, they love playing with stamps.  Okay, your turn!

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4 thoughts on “Motivation to fail.

  1. So much wisdom in the following words! I may post that quote on my blog if you don’t mind!

    “No one is ever satisfied when they’re not doing their best. When you do your best and fail it’s more acceptable than failing when you aren’t really trying.”

  2. […] This pretty much punched me in the gut.  Lots of wisdom in this quote: […]

  3. linneann says:

    Except for the pregnancy and the ages of your children, I could swear (but I won’t) that you wrote this for me. Very insightful.
    As far as crafts go, it’s been a while and since I never enjoyed crafts, I can only share my least favorite: Play-do. Always ended up in the carpet.
    Blessings on your youngest and yet to be seen.

  4. twocupsofyouandme says:

    Is there a way I can talk to you privately?

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